Please read these warranty terms carefully to ensure that the purchased item brings only joy:

1. All products are covered by a manufacturer / distributor warranty, the duration of which depends on the specific / distributor's terms. Warranty terms for each item are individually determined, but the warranty period is not less than 2 years. Before purchasing the product, please read carefully the instructions for use of the product and the manufacturer's warranty rules.

2. The guarantee is valid if the goods are presented together with a proof of purchase (check, invoice, receipt or bank confirmation payment order).

3. It is forbidden to make any changes, to delete or to rewrite the data specified in the proof of purchase - in which case the document will be declared void and PAVARDS will have the right to refuse to accept the goods.

4. In the warranty period, the goods are accepted in the store. The expenses related to the delivery of the goods to the store are covered by the buyer.

5. Warranty terms are not valid if:
5.1.  The buyer can not present a proof of purchase or the document presented is damaged to the extent that its contents are not understood;
5.2.  The item is arbitrarily repaired or changed;
5.3.  Product damage caused by the introduction of water, substances, liquids, foreign matter or insects into the goods (not relevant for goods with specified durability);
5.4.  Damage to the product in case of inappropriate use;
5.5.  The product is used with non-standard accessories;
5.6.  The product has been damaged due to rapid temperature fluctuations, other household and external factors (dust, dirt, prolonged moisture, etc.);
5.7.  The goods have not been subjected to regular maintenance as specified in the package leaflet;
5.8.  Damage to the product is due to natural disasters (flood, storm, lightning strike, fire, earthquake);
5.9.  A product intended for personal (domestic, family) purposes is used for profit, for production purposes or for other inappropriate purposes;
5.10. The serial number of the item has been changed, deleted or it can not be determined, or the item is recognizable.

6. The warranty does not cover wearing parts, natural wear, accessories and accessories included in the items.